About Us
Welcome to First Home Group, a private home, and office construction and renovation company

If you have a custom building thought and mapped out in your mind, we are poised to make this vision a reality.

With over 20 years in construction, we have worked on numerous custom construction and renovation projects that cater to diverse people and tastes. We ensure to provide an exceptional service with an unparalleled level of satisfaction to all our projects and clients.

Is it time for a fresh start?Are you tired of your home? Or do you feel the need to move into a new space that is specifically designed for you? Do you feel like you need an area that can be entirely customized by your specifications?

First Home Group is the perfect choice of Toronto custom home builders for you.

You need a space that speaks to you when you walk through the door. Whether you choose to change your home or just give it a facelift, we are always interested in working with you. At First Home Group ,we listen to your needs and work with you towards designing, construction, and completion of your project.

Our team of experienced home builders is available to answer any questions you have. We can also advise you on the right steps and decisions to make to maximize the advantages of your property.

We design, construct and bring your dream building to life.

What we are best at

The First Home Edge

Comprehensive home building and renovation service
At First Home, we provide a full suite of home building and renovation services that covers planning, design, permitting, demolition, and construction. With this, we can cover whatever needs you may have.
Forward-thinking designers
Our team at First Home will advise you on your building and help you make sure that your building is constructed explicitly for its use. This is done with all the latest inputs from the home design and renovation world.
Expansive Experience
With over 20 years of experience in home and office design and construction, First Home Group has a team of well-versed and experienced builders that ensure the highest quality of our buildings.

At First Home Group, we understand your need to participate in the construction or renovation of your building. This reason is why we strongly encourage and facilitate a comfortable relationship between you and our team.

Talk to us today.